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Friday night.

Friday night downtown Lawrence, KS. This is the city I call home. I have 3 beautiful and wonderful children so I never venture out this late, but it was the end of spring break and they spent the night with their grandmother. KU Jayhawks had just won the basketball game and it was loud. A peek at the city at midnight.







Amanda Cross - First I wanted to say how much I enjoy your work. I was going through your blog posts(in awe I must say:), and I came upon these which look great in color and BW, and are kind of street photography style. I am at the beginning of my journey and may be falling into a rut. I am unmotivated and frustrated at this point shooting my children, but really want to go out and shoot some just out on the street or when we are out and about. How does that work? Do you have to ask permission all of the time? I know that can be embarrassing and I am not ready to do that quite yet. How do you go about shooting on the streets? Thanks for any tips:)!! Again, your black and whites are stunning!!