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Meet Grover.

He’s not dangerous. He just wants to talk. Oh, and he’s awesome.

Gwen - Hi Grover! Nice to meet you – I love your hat. 🙂

carina - he looks like he is a very important man to many, he reminds me of 1 of the most important men in my life whom i miss dearly every single day when i look at my lovely little miss.

JulieB - What a lovely picture. I feel like he is looking right at me and I totally want to talk to him!

Ty - I bet he has the best stories. What a beautiful image of a beautiful human being.

Melody - Oh, I’ll bet he could tell some wonderful stories! I wish I could hear them. He looks like he’d be a lot of fun to get to know. Thanks for sharing the picture. I can’t help but smile back at him. 🙂

Danielle - What a fantastic face, such wisdom and character in those eyes. I bet I could chat with him for hours.

Tracy - What a great picture!!

Beth - Love the picture – he looks like someone I would love to chat with 🙂

Rachel - Oh the stories he could tell I bet!

Erin - Love this pic. You captured his eyes nicely. And they tell a story of his whole life. Makes me miss my Grandpa dearly. Wonderful picture Grover. 🙂

Nicole - What a great hat. How could anyone think this man is dangerous? 🙂

Sam - I think this is an amazing picture, it’s captured this gentlemans personality perfectly.

Laurel - Can’t believe someone would think Grover is dangerous! I’d love to hear his stories and have a nice long chat. 🙂

Dawne in Iowa - Hi, Grover!

Amber - What a great photo of a handsome man!

Amanda - I love this photo. My grandfather would always wear ballcaps with sayings on them. This photo is full of character and really captures the subjects personality! Excellent work.

Meg Bitton - This is amazing. A true example of capturing the soul in an image.

Nikki - I love this picture, such strong character in his face. I would love to be able to just sit and talk with him for hours!

Sarah - Grover has such kind and soulful eyes.

Cathy A. - I can’t help but smile and think about all the amazing stories he could share!

Celeste - Hi Grover! Wow! You look like a cool person <3 I wish I lived close to where you live. I'd love to adopt you as a grandparent for me and my 4 children.

Casey - I love this picture! He looks like someone I’d love to sit and spend some time with.

Rose - I love this picture. It takes me back to when I was six and a friends neighbor was an older gentleman named Grover. He had 2 blocks right in the middle of town that he turned into these big gardens. I used to fly my kite all through them.

Ellen - Megan, Our family showed Grover your blog and all of the wonderful comments. I can’t remember when I have seen him smile so much. Thank you for your good work and thanks to all of your commentators for their kind words.

Kaylen - Beautiful image. Once again, you’ve captured the subject so perfectly. It makes me miss my Grandpa dearly. I wish I had a picture like this of him. It’s nice to meet you, Grover!

Blair - What a handsome young man! His hat is wonderful.

April - What a sweet, mischievous smile! I love it!

Dalayna - Oh, this picture made me tear up for some reason. I love it, I just want to sit down and chat… Reminded me of my Grandpa I guess.

Brandi - What a beautiful picture. He reminds me of my grandpa 🙂

Zeida - He makes me smile. 🙂

Sandy - Grover, something in your eyes reminds me of my Daddy, who I lost in 2008. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

Max, wonderful photos, as usual!

Ashley L - Hi Grover! What an amazing picture, seems like a wonderful stand up man. I adore the hat too!

Amanda - Priceless photo. 🙂