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Her life.

This is my child. She is beautiful and wonderful and simply gorgeous. It’s been a hard winter. She has asthma.

Carleigh - I love this image megan! I grew up with asthma as well and I think in the future she will appreciate having an image of one of her struggles growing up. great capture!

Souls. Imagined.

I had the honor of attending Meg Bitton‘s birthday workshop this past weekend. What happened was nothing short of magical. Not only did I get to shoot with other amazing photographers (and have an awesome time doing so), I also learned so much. My eyes have been opened. Meg sees the world differently than most people. What she taught me to do was to find that. Find the details, find myself, and make magic happen.

Thank you for sharing your soul with me.

Thank you.








Emz - Simply breathtaking. Meg is amazing, as are you Max – don’t cut yourself too short darling 🙂

Michelle - Holy crap! These are simply stunning and amazing! Your work is very inspiring and beautiful!