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A letter to my children.

My oldest. The dreams I see dancing behind your eyes are awe inspiring. I dreamt of you before you were born. I saw you. I saw the beautiful person you are and would be. You are your own person. I see the twinkle in your eyes when you play the piano. It’s there when you paint. When you read or write your stories. It’s there. Your spark. Don’t lose that. It’s yours. All yours baby girl.

When you were an infant we talked. Early into the wee hours of the morning. I would stare into those gorgeous eyes and make wishes for you. I remember those moments. I saw your soul and it is beautiful. I remember your tiny fingers. Your toes all curled and pressed into me to keep them warm. I remember it was cold when you were born that December night. No light to keep us company. It would awaken again in the spring. You brought me light. My girl who would do amazing things. You will move mountains. You are beautiful.

My girl. My child with an old soul. You are amazing. Stunning and breathless. Your zest for life is unparalleled. The joy you spread is awesome. I knew you before you were born. You see we are the same. I remember the morning you were born. I knew who you’d be. A girl who loves life and finds beauty in everything. Don’t ever lose that. That is your gift to this world.

I want to hold you. You are my baby. So loving and caring. I know how fragile everything is to you. I want to shelter you. I want to be that rock. Your home will always be in my heart. You are a ray of sunshine. I see the wonder in your face when you hear music. When you sing. Everything will be alright.

My sweet son. You beautiful boy. You know who you are and you are fabulous. I know you struggle. I see it in your gorgeous blue eyes. I remember your arrival into this world. It wasn’t the easiest. It was worth every second a million times over.

I know things are not easy for you. You don’t speak. That’s part of who you are, and you are beautiful just as you are. I have known you were special since before I held you. The first time I kissed your forehead. You have a gift. You are amazing. You have a song to sing. Sing on.

To all of you. The world is still beginning for you. Be yourself. Stay true to you and follow your heart. For there you will find the will to move mountains. To become who you are meant to be. Someday you will be there. The world can be a rough place. I won’t lie to you. You can do this. You have it in you. You can be anything you want to be. You are you. You are amazing. Special. It’s because of you that I am who I am. I love you. You are my sun.

Into the water.

Kvällens guldmoln fästet kransa.
Älvorna på ängen dansa,
Och den bladbekrönta Näcken
Gigan rör i silverbäcken.

Liten pilt bland strandens pilar
I violens ånga vilar,
Klangen hör från källens vatten,
Ropar i den stilla natten:

“Arma Gubbe, varför spela?
Kan det smärtorna fördela?
Fritt du skog och mark må liva,
Skall Guds barn dock aldrig bliva!

Paradisets månskensnätter,
Edens blomsterkrönta slätter,
Ljusets änglar i det höga –
Aldrig skådar dem ditt öga.”

Tårar Gubbens anlet skölja,
Ned han dyker i sin bölja.
Gigan tystnar. Aldrig Näcken
Spelar mer i silverbäcken.

-Erik Johan Stagnelius