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One night.

There really aren’t enough words. An amazing night. Last night of the fair. Last year of school for this gorgeous girl. Simply see for yourself. Oh, and there will be more.



Recently you reported a profile on Facebook. We did not take action on the profile you reported because it did not violate Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Stealing is wrong. I do not like the adage that if it’s on the internet it’s free game. It isn’t. Do not use my images unless you pay for them. You wouldn’t walk into a restaurant and start eating dinner off a patron’s plate. This is how I make my money. How I support my family. These images are mine. I am thrilled people enjoy them. That’s my dream come true. That doesn’t mean I have to bend over and let people do what they want. No. It’s a hard industry. I am an unknown. That doesn’t make me silent.

To Facebook. I’ve never once complained about your services. Never. Until today. Let’s see if you can fix this.