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Favorites 2015.

2015. There isn’t much I can say that isn’t your typical cliche about how time moves. Children grow. As do some relationships. People move on. There is no secret to life. There is no cure for escaping the reality of it. Today will be one more wrinkle on the face of my existence tomorrow. Yesterdays are bittersweet. The truth is I won’t remember it all. I will remember the bad more than the good. I hope they remember the good more than the bad. Here’s a glance at our last year. There is no particular order. The days just were. Simple as can be, is we.




This is going to be picture heavy so I won’t write much. Let me say I love my phone. I love the camera on my phone. There are a few thing I would like to see fixed however it is better than the iPhones I have had in the past and I would gladly buy another. So here is a collection of my favorites from my phone from the past few months. Sometimes I post on instagram, sometimes I don’t.