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Enter 2018. Finally.


I wish I was great at stringing words together to create a moving intro but I can’t. Life happened. It happens. To each of us. A second to me can seem like an infinity to another. My children are another year older. As am I (and I won’t mention the gray hair). And yet, somehow my Husband grew a year older but still looks hotter than ever. <— That’s right I said it.

I didn’t photograph anything in particular. I actually didn’t photograph very often. A few clients. Some charity work. Some of our life. Here’s a few personal photos. I’ll share some client work in another post.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed being there. I don’t believe in new years resolutions because I find it absurd that a date is going to make ME change for the better but I hope, this year I pick up my camera a little more often. That’s all.

A side note. I have a teenager. She didn’t want any pictures taken. But she’s here, in just a few.




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