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Another wonderful day with five beautiful children

I am not a wordsmith. I much prefer to tell stories with photographs. That is why there aren’t many words or stories behind the images you see here on my blog. Today is a new day. This will be my wordiest post yet. Why? Because I have found something I absolutely love to do. Life. More importantly capturing true life. An early morning wake up with cereal fights and naps where trains are tucked in next to the little boy who is probably dreaming about riding them. Dirty finger nails and mud streaked cheeks. Socks with holes and soap bubbles falling to the floor. Puddles and messes and baths in sinks. That’s what life is. Life with children. They grow and we as parents forget.

This family is special. Awesome friends and even more awesome children. They are sincerely the sweetest creatures I’ve ever met. So loving and caring and full of sweet innocence.

Without further ado, please take a minute and meet those kind souls.

Welcome to their world.

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